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Welcome to Idaho Paddle Boarding & SUP Center

With all good ideas, starting small is better than waiting for something big to happen. Paddle boarding and SUPing has exploded on the scene on Idaho's lakes, ponds and rivers. Idaho Paddle Boarding & SUP Center and Idaho River Sports hopes to provide ways for you to have a safe and enjoyable experience SUPing, as well as provide resources for getting the most out of this wonderful new activity and sport.

Great Tips from Candice Appleby

We also partner with the Idaho Canoe & Kayak Club, Treasure Valley YMCA, City of Boise and local groups to promote safe paddling.
Part of the fun is telling stories through photos, videos and stories. To view some great photos of SUP Nites and adventures click here.

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Sponsors & Updates

Video of Jefe Banks surfing the waveshaper at the Boise River Park in March at 1000 cfs - click here.
For more about sponsorship and getting involved in events and/or competitions - click here.
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American Canoe Assocation

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