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Spring Paddle Classic 2012
SUPing with the canoes and kayaks

The Spring Paddle Classic for 2012 was a first in many ways. The first time we've hosted a paddle competition early in the season and it was the time any of our events were clearly dominated by stand up paddle boards in terms of the number of participants. 

First, to get the weather question out of the way, it wasn't bad! Compared to our Fall Paddle Classic last year it was really pretty equal in lots of ways... we did have one rain storm roll through that lasted about 15 minutes, while last year we had a thunder storm roll through. The thunderstorm was more exciting. Paddling in the rain didn't phase anyone.

The competition has always been friendly as can be but competitive nonetheless. Each of three events requires a bit of strategy and different skills - the obstacle course is heavy on turning skills, the endurance race on long strokes and the sprint, fast, short strokes. It gives everyone a chance to compete and win prizes from sponsors like Core Concepts, Smith Sport Optics and gear and clothing from Idaho River Sports. 

The refreshments after each evening of paddling included brew from Payette Brewing, a popular local craft brewer with the obviously great name! Idaho River Sports also has a new on-site food service partner named Yak Shack. 

All in all a great time for everyone just minutes from downtown Boise.


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Spring Paddle Classic 2012
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