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Rotational Strength
Part 1 of the Series: The Problems with Single Plane Training

Even if you've progressed past the usual ‘big box’ gym mistake of sticking to a limited set of movements just designed to make you look good on the beach and your SUP (think bench press, curls and crunches for guys, triceps extensions and a million thigh and butt-focused gimmicks for girls), you’re probably still just working in two directions: up and down and front to back. 

It’s certainly important to develop strength and balance through these planes, with compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts and shoulder presses, and other ‘up-and-down’ movements and ‘forward-and-back’ ones such as lunges and split jumps. But life isn't restricted to these two planes of motion, and neither is your body when you hit the water.

Read the entire article and catch the series at SUPtheMag - click here.

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