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River Ferry
Technique presented by Nikki Gregg

Nikki Gregg, professional stand up paddle athlete and all around expert when it comes to whitewater SUP, shows us how to safely ferry a SUP across a river. Ferrying is a technique used to cross a river without losing ground or proceeding downstream. When performing a river ferry you move laterally across the river using the oncoming current to maneuver yourself sideways.
This is a basic yet critical skill to learn for stand up paddling in the river. This technique will give the paddler the ability to avoid dangerous obstacles downstream or help catch a river wave.

To perform a SUP river ferry, you will need to learn to control and maneuver your board using the oncoming current. There are two very important steps to this technique - set your ferry angle and tilt the rail of your board downstream/ To read the entire article - click here to visit SUPconnect
For more about Nikki Gregg visit - www.nikkigregg.com

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