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SUP Yoga & Fitness

The stand up paddle boarding trend comes on the heels of the kayak craze, but offers potentially greater health benefits, especially given recent research showing the hazards of prolonged sitting.
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Like yoga, standing on a board requires basic balancing abilities, which in turn strengthen and tone any and all muscles used to stay in position. And in keeping with getting out and doing more, we're keeping up with the trend and taking advantage of our flatwater access on Quinn's Pond to stage yoga classes on stand-up boards.
People of any age can get started, proponents say, recommending that newcomers should use the widestóand therefore sturdiestóboards. While conventional surf boards are about 20 inches in width, stand-up boards can be as wide as 32 inches. Children older than toddlers can use them right alongside their parents or grandparents, although life preservers (PFDs) are recommended or required in many cases.
Newcomers should kneel on the board and paddle that way before trying to rise to their feet. In still water, standing up is hardly more difficult on a stand-up board than on solid ground. Once afoot, staying that way is relatively easy. Like cycling, paddle boarding can be done at a recreational pace or, for an aerobic workout, at heart-thumping speed. And like yoga, stand up paddle boarding is proving particularly popular with women.

"Nearly 50% of the buyers of our stand-up boards are women, which is a much much higher percentage than" conventional surf boards, says surfing legend Laird Hamilton.

Excerpts from: The Wall Street Journal LIFE & STYLE

"Far From the Ocean, Fitness Craze Appeals to Those Wanting a Total Body Workout on the Water, Minus the Waves" by Kevin Helliker
Join us at the Idaho SUP Center at Idaho River Sports for this exciting new work out designed to improve balance and core strength while having fun and enjoying the great outdoors! Along with standard SUP maneuvers - No prior experience is needed. All equipment will be provided. For more about SUP classes - click here.
Instructor are experienced to give you a unique and fun work out. If you're interested in SUP Yoga classes call 208-336-4844 or contact us today!

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