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Expedition SUPing

Expedition SUPing are extended or multi-day trips that expands the experience of stand up paddling by taking you farther into the wilderness. The experience of the overwhelming beauty of Idaho's lakes and rivers or the wildlife that stays close to the water without fear when you paddle by is available when you take an extended paddling trip - even on a SUP board.
SUP boards that provide for on-deck storage and tie-downs are a must!
Because expedition SUPing will typically take a paddler farther into the wilderness and beyond immediate help, it requires special preparation to make it safe and enjoyable. We can help with your planning and how to pack right for a longer trip!

Pre-Trip Planning

The key to proper preparation is doing the research. Find out as much as you can about where you're going. Never leave home without knowing he following:
Weather conditions for the time of year you will be paddling
Water conditions
High water, tides and currents
Potential hazards (rocks, sand bars, boat traffic, etc)
Availability of drinking water
While these may be some of the most important points to know from the perspective of safety, you will also need to learn about camping regulations, put-in and take-out points, the availability of shuttle transportation, campfire regulations and equipment rentals.


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