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SUP Fitness Classes
New for 2012 we have Michelle!

Whether you’re new to the sport of stand up paddle boarding or already an expert, having upper body and core strength will add endurance and balance to give you extra confidence in all your endeavors!

SUPerior Fitness training from Idaho River Sports will help you be stronger, develop faster reflexes, increase muscle firing, stabilize larger muscles, and help reduce fatigue and the risk of injuries. SUPing uses the entire body to perform, so you're never isolating one muscle group at any given moment.
SUP fitness activities use your upper and lower body, feet, ankles, knees, hips and core to execute each short or long stroke.
You will also develop a smooth, connected motion and more powerful strokes in the process. We'll also add balance work to improve reactions.
Registration Information and Resources
SUPerior Fitness training at Idaho River Sports is taught on and off the water in a non-threatening, safe environment.
Intro to SUP Fitness classes include lessons, SUP board, paddle, and PFD.
Cost for class and the rental package is only $35 and kicks off in April.

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Call Idaho River Sports at 208-336-4844 for details and reservations. For more information about classes, boot camps, drop-in classes and more!
To visit Idaho River Sports online, click here or on Facebook by clicking here.

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