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Summer SUP Board Care
Summer presents special issues in the care of your SUP board!


Do not expose your SUP board to excessive heat or sunlight when not in use. Whenever you are not using your SUP board (either during storage or while transporting to/from the water) particular care and attention should be made to protect the board from the sun and heat. 

Excessive exposure to the sun and/or heat can result in the following unavoidable and undesirable consequences to particularly the deck pad which can become :
  • Distorted in size and/or quality
  • Unstuck from the board
  • Significant fading of color
These undesirable consequences are not covered by your warranty since they are primarily due to a user or storage problem, and not related to the manufacturing or material quality of your board. The same can be said for all paddling gear including PFDs and paddles. Ask an expert what's best for your specific product and feel free to call the knowledgeable staff  at Idaho River Sports for information at 208-336-4844.

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